MUBC Films—Old & New

Harvey and Michael Nicholson have recorded the day-to-day as well as the great events of MUBC for over 60 years. The two DVDs described below and other films, including Harvey's famous loops, are available from Michael Nicholson by emailing requests to:

MUBC Commemorative 150th DVD Special

This DVD contains:

  • "MUBC: A Brief History"—a 7 minute highlights package that was shown at the 150th Year Celebration Dinner,
  • a 40 minute compilation of many crews over the years that was shown before the Dinner,
  • film of the 150th year boat christenings,
  • film of the "150 oars for 150 years" row past in front of the sheds on the morning of the dinner, and
  • complimentary film of the 150 Year book launch at Government House.

Price $45 including postage

8+ 'A Documentary on How the Rowing 8 Works'

This feature length documentary by Michael Nicholson is ideal for rowers and non-rowers alike who want to find out how Australian representatives have performed internationally from 2005 to 2009.

In particular it focuses on the major successes of MUBC members from Sarah Heard's and Lizzy Patrick's spectacular Gold Medal in the Women's 8, to Alice McNamara's two Gold Medals in the Women's Lightweight Quad Scull and Cameron McKenzie-McHarg's and James Marburg's excellent Silver Medal in Beijing.

This film covers everything you need to know about rowing.

Price $40 including postage