Excerpts from 'Well Rowed University'

"Dr Judith Buckrich has written an absorbing account of a great sporting institution. It is a happy combination of interesting historical detail and the humanity of Club members."
—Sir James Gobbo, former MUBC oarman, Rhodes Scholar and Governor of Victoria, 1997-2000

Below are excerpts from this history of Melbourne University Boat Club:

Subscribers, Foreward, About the author, Preface, Acknowledgements, Photograph credits (471 KB pdf)

Chapter One: Down to the Yarra (pages 1-33) (3.5 MB pdf)

Chapter Two: Growth and glamour 1880-1904 (pages 34-61) (2.3 MB pdf)

Chapter Three: The fabulous years until the First World War (pages 62-99) (2.7 MB pdf)

Chapter Four: Between the wars (pages 100-139) (3.1 MB pdf)

Chapter Five: Another war another peace 1940-1965 (pages 140-179) (3.1 MB pdf)

Chapter Six: Moving into the world 1966-1979 (pages 180-217) (5.8 MB pdf)

Chapter Seven: One of Australia's most successful sporting clubs (pages 218-277) (4.3 MB pdf)

Appendices, Notes, Bibliography, Index (pages 278-320) (855 KB pdf)—the index contains all the names found within the book